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Nautical Service Technologies, Inc. provides many types of inspection options. We offer the diversity of full service and cater to individuals as well as agencies like insurance companies and lending institutions.

We perform Condition and Valuation Surveys (C&V) to help boat buyers make informed purchase decisions, lenders establish loan to value ratios and insurance underwriters to establish underwriting conditions. Our reports of survey are based on the standard established by the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, Inc.® Our survey reports are guaranteed to be accepted by every known lender and insurance carrier.

Appraisal Services are frequently required of our agency. Whether you are making a charitable contribution of a single vessel or restructuring an entire manufacturing facility, we have experience appraising everything from small boats to every mold in the plant.

We do Construction Supervision of new vessels. Periodic inspections are scheduled as needed for each particular situation. We have, in the past, provided this service for both private pleasure craft and commercial passenger carrying vessels. We also recommend and supervise repair or retrofit of existing vessels. As vessels require modification or repair we act as the owners representative to the shipyard throughout the process.

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